The Answer Recording Sheets are a free download for readers of 8 Recipes for Life who don’t want to write in their copy of the book. These sheets allow you to record your answers and keep your book in pristine condition!

The Recipe Worksheets are stand-alone versions of those which appear in our book and can be purchased separately, in case there is a particular area you would like to explore, before reading the whole book.

Using Recipe 1 Worksheet you can find out where you are with regards to comfort–fulfilment.

Using Recipe 3 Worksheet you can identify how positive or negative you tend to be with yourself.

Using Recipe 4 Worksheet you can see how well you defend your boundaries with other people.

Using Recipe 5 Worksheet you can find out what you mainly follow when making decisions.

Using Recipe 6 Worksheet you can build a plan to acquire a new skill effectively.

With these worksheets you can gain some valuable insights into the areas listed above. Please note – in our book there is more description of each recipe and a much greater explanation of why the area is important and how we might accomplish changes in each area.

Because the added material in the book is important to understanding the lessons, we have decided not to include a stand-alone version of the Recipe 7 worksheet as it is especially important to read the lesson before using the worksheet in Recipe 7.

Similarly, the stand-alone version of the Recipe 3 worksheet has had some content removed because it is based on acquiring some knowledge from 8 Recipes for Life.

Note: Recipe 2 and Recipe 8 do not include a worksheet in the original book itself.

We hope these worksheets give you some insights into your personal situation and we hope it encourages you to read the whole book and make an overall plan to become more fulfilled.

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