PETLO videos


PETLO introduce the other videos in this series and 8 Recipes for Life.

We don’t want comfort

PETLO talk about comfort and fulfilment.

Don’t be too nice

PETLO discuss a necessary condition for relationships to thrive.


PETLO talk about living in the moment and their hypnosis recordings.
Note: These recordings are no longer available on the website. If you’d like to purchase them, please get in touch here.

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Life is like cooking a meal; everyone has different ingredients and something unique to offer.
This book helps us make the best meal with the ingredients we have in life.

“…a complete resource to personal transformation that should give readers the hope, confidence and momentum to change for the better.”

happens in the heart – we believe our goals will materialise; we believe a person who we currently find stubborn is capable of change; we believe the crisis we are facing will be resolved.

happens in the head – we don’t expect every step leading to our goal will be easy; we don’t expect the stubborn person to change immediately; we don’t expect the crisis to be resolved right away.

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