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Pete and Elaine are both professional trainers with international training experience. They can design and deliver training programmes to suit your specific corporate needs. Please click here to enquire.

If personal development is what you’re looking for, please see below:

At PETLO we have two training programmes – the Personal Achievement Workshop and the Corporate Achievement Workshop. Both cover a core curriculum based on personal development. The corporate version adds in the actions we can take to advance our careers and work as part of a high value team where the emphasis is on cooperation rather ego-driven competition between team members.

These workshops are delivered by both Pete and Elaine. They have extensive experience of delivering international programmes and their passion is to ensure each course participant has a fantastic outcome which has life changing possibility for them.

The Personal Achievement Workshop (2 days – hotel based)

This workshop is a practical, participative and fun experience! Each participant will come away with a plan specifically tailored to them which help them live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.


It may be that participants will be sent by their employer or they may choose to get themselves a place – whichever the emphasis is on personal growth, satisfaction and fulfilment.

It is designed for anyone who wants to make real changes in their life, has read the 8 Recipes for Life and wants to build a detailed plan to spell out what to do to make changes happen. There will be a simple pre course questionnaire just to make sure everyone coming on the course is in a great position to take maximum benefit.

We really want to get great testimonials by helping our students make great changes helping themselves and humanity by becoming more positive and intentional in the way they live.

PETLO is committed to helping people make changes so we will be offering some free places to people who really want to make changes but who cannot afford the full price of the course.

The Personal Achievement Workshop is a two-day course where every participant will be encouraged to:

  • Work through the six worksheets in the book 8 Recipes for Life and produce a prioritised action plan.
  • Understand their Values and Goals and what they want to achieve in their professional and private lives.
  • Understand specific problems each person needs to overcome and prepare a plan to address these issues.
  • Design and commit to the specific actions they can take to begin leading a more fulfilling life by living intentionally, embracing the 8 Recipes for Life and rejecting an existence based on living comfortably.
  • Look at their personal and professional relationships and determine their own style and whether this is helping them to achieve what they want.
  • Learn methods to relax and find concentration and peace through self-hypnosis and mindfulness exercises. 

The Corporate Achievement Workshop (2 or 3 days – can be held in company premises)

This workshop is also a practical and participative course where participants will explore personal opportunities for growth before considering in detail how this might translate to positive behaviours at work.

PETLO welcome the opportunity to work with management to tailor the course to achieve specific corporate objectives while still keeping the content broadly based on 8 Recipes for Life – so using the principles of rejecting comfort, looking at personal boundary issues as well daring to be vulnerable, mindful and intentional in our goals at work.

We will also consider how business decision making can be improved by attending to the role our heads and hearts can play in this process.

This workshop is likely to include company specific preparation material and could be reduced to two days if all participants complete this pre-course work, read 8 Recipes for Life and complete the worksheets in the book.

Alternatively, this workshop is three days when little or no preparation is expected

Whichever is chosen participants and their managers will see a change in the individual’s contribution and engagement at work as people work towards self-directed goals which add to their happiness and the organisation’s objectives.


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Thanks again Pete, this was the best course I have done during my 19 years at NMUK (and that’s a lot of courses!!!)

A Sansom

United Kingdom

Elaine is gifted in creating rapports with the participants and she has provided guidance to the participants throughout the training. Her amiable qualities have made her a trainer who is able to translate her trainer message to the floor effectively. I assure that Elaine is a trainer who could perform professional and credible trainings in any fields.

Karin Li

Hong Kong

Life is like cooking a meal; everyone has different ingredients and something unique to offer.
This book helps us make the best meal with the ingredients we have in life.

happens in the heart – we believe our goals will materialise; we believe a person who we currently find stubborn is capable of change; we believe the crisis we are facing will be resolved.

happens in the head – we don’t expect every step leading to our goal will be easy; we don’t expect the stubborn person to change immediately; we don’t expect the crisis to be resolved right away.

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