Thank the feedback from LIFE

When events transpire differently to what I expected, in a bad way… After immediately feeling bad, I’ll feel okay if I have done my very best. Because I couldn’t have done better, so I might as well not feel bad about the outcome, which I can’t be blamed for.

But often, I ask myself what I have done wrong, and often I see something that I could have done differently, and I feel bad about it. Because it’s my fault the event transpired badly. 

But actually I shouldn’t judge my yesterday self with the wisdom I have today – thanks to the feedback from life. I didn’t have that luxury yesterday. Yes, maybe I could have prepared better but why would I think I wasn’t prepared already if nothing suggested it?

It is okay to screw up. Let’s not beat ourselves up for it. We didn’t have that wisdom yesterday. That wisdom is learned through the very screw up. Thank the feedback from LIFE and move on as a wiser person!

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