PETLO are available for public and corporate
speaking engagements 

They are practised speakers and are skilled at answering questions and adapting their delivery to suit the mood and the context required by their clients. Clients may choose to book PETLO if they would like to motivate their audience with Pete and Elaine’s extraordinary journey together. Read this article on Real-Fix to know more about their story.

PETLO might be engaged to encourage people to be unapologetically themselves, to dare to be different, and create the fulfilling lives they deserve even if the path seems unconventional. This applies to both their personal and corporate lives. Corporations might want to encourage employees to think creatively and share their ideas to produce growth, expansion and competitive edge.

Alternatively, clients may book Pete or Elaine separately as each of them offers a different experience and slightly differing content as individuals.

Pete (aka. Pet)

Clients choose Pete when they’re looking for an older individual who refuses to believe that advancing years has anything to say about our ability as people to continue to learn and grow. As well as a long blue-chip corporate career, Pete is an experienced rock climber, Clinical Hypnotherapist, international trainer, and (so far) cancer survivor which gives him an enormous fund of authentic lessons he can share with audiences.

Pete might be engaged by a client who wants their audience to be inspired by the real examples from Pete’s life where he has engaged in an extreme sport and dealt with a grim cancer prognosis. His sense of humour and common sense encourages others to realise they can overcome all sorts of obstacle too.


Clients choose Elaine when they’re looking for an intelligent self-starting millennial female who has a spiritual and practical approach to life. Elaine’s lessons and insights form the pillars of PETLO’s book 8 Recipes for Life and she is practised at selling the advantages of taking personal action to reject comfort, being vulnerable and defending boundaries firmly yet gracefully in our personal and corporate lives.

Elaine might be engaged to encourage individuals or a team to step out of their comfort zones and achieve more by believing that they can. Elaine motivates people to be strong-minded, to get to know their true selves better, and to be fearless in making their dreams come true.

Our philosophy at PETLO is based on Head–Heart Thinking™ and Elaine is an expert at spelling the power of using our head and heart synergistically!


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happens in the heart – we believe our goals will materialise; we believe a person who we currently find stubborn is capable of change; we believe the crisis we are facing will be resolved.

happens in the head – we don’t expect every step leading to our goal will be easy; we don’t expect the stubborn person to change immediately; we don’t expect the crisis to be resolved right away.

Pete is one of those people every organisation needs and I really loved working with him at Ufi/learndirect. He is committed, caring, creative and honest. He is also brilliant at handling relationships and stakeholders and he has a great sense of humour too. 

Dr. Ann Limb CBE

United Kingdom

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