This bundle combines three PETLO products to help you tackle stress on three fronts – by helping you relax you’ll start to feel better, and by helping you sleep you can get some rest. After that you’re ready for our NOW! Manage Your Stress product!

The bundle items are:

1. The NOW! Relax recording (44 minutes)
This is a good introduction to the bundle and the relaxing power of hypnosis. Start with this recording and get used to taking some time out for yourself and allow yourself to be guided into complete peaceful relaxation. Includes three original metaphors (or stories with a message) to help you relax.

2. The NOW! Better Sleep recording (59 minutes)
If you have problems with your sleep pattern because your overactive mind won’t shut down and stops you sleeping use this recording to help you get off to sleep. There are two recordings, one for women and one for men which are partly delivered by Pete and also by a guest female psychotherapist.

3. The NOW! Manage Your Stress recording (54 minutes)
This recording has an informative discussion about stress and then guides you to use a worksheet to help analyse your stress situations, how you react to them and what you might do differently. This is followed by a varied hypnotic track which encourages you to make changes to the way you manage stress and makes powerful suggestions to help you

Additional information

Bundle contents

NOW! Better Sleep (Men & Women)
NOW! Manage Your Stress


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