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Wouldn’t it be great if you could make powerful suggestions to yourself in a light trance state? You could practice talking to yourself positively, encouraging yourself and achieving more as a result. Making these suggestions to your powerful subconscious or unconscious mind makes it much more likely you’ll stay motivated and achieve the goals you have set yourself.

This 30-minute recording is designed to help you do this by guiding you into a relaxed state and then taking you step by step through the straightforward process of self-hypnosis. It has been recorded by Pet – a qualified clinical hypnotherapist – to ensure you have a great experience.


You will be prompted to make positive suggestions to yourself once in trance and these can be used to programme your subconscious or unconscious mind to help you.

This programme is a great add on to any other hypnosis recording you may have bought as it allows you to make sure you continue making the changes you desire by giving you a simple process to make specific positive suggestions that will help you – without the need to visit a hypnotherapist.

Please use this recording repeatedly and when prompted you can update the suggestions or affirmations you make to yourself so that this technique allows you to keep the content fresh and appropriate as you make progress.

Please enjoy this journey into self-hypnosis and taking control of your own progress – your feedback is welcome at Thank you and enjoy!

(Please be aware that your product may mention the use of CDs as a recording medium because some recordings were made as we transitioned to mp3 downloads, please ignore this reference, thank you. Any custom recordings you request can be supplied in either format.)


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