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Wouldn’t it feel great to listen to an original recording recorded by a qualified clinical hypnotherapist knowing that you will be gently encouraged to relax your body and your mind?

Enjoy this 44-minute recording designed to help you completely relax. Follow this relaxation recording and its original embedded stories as you drift off into a calm and tranquil relaxed state.

You may usually find it difficult to switch off – with this recording you can allow yourself to do just that. Indeed many people who have listened say they don’t get to the end of the recording the first time they listen to it as they have already drifted off to sleep!

Sleep isn’t the objective of this PETLO recording but if it helps you you can always return to use the recording to enable you to relax. Relaxation is important for several reasons. Firstly, it Is difficult to be in an emotionally negative state when we’re relaxed – for example it’s pretty well impossible to be angry or guilty or stressed when we get relaxed. Secondly being in a relaxed state can help us to get to a place where we can think clearly about what we want and plan to get it.

If you need some encouragement to just let go please buy this recording and enjoy its ability to enable you to relax, comfortably and completely.

(Please be aware that your product may mention the use of CDs as a recording medium because some recordings were made as we transitioned to mp3 downloads, please ignore this reference, thank you. Any custom recordings you request can be supplied in either format.)


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