This bundle combines three PETLO products to help you build a better future by setting achievable and powerful goals, and making sure your self-confidence enables you to believe in your dreams and aspirations. It uses worksheets to define your goal and build skills needed to attain it. This is a comprehensive programme to plan what you want to achieve and it uses hypnosis to help build the focus and determination to succeed.

Your bundle has the following three components:

1. The NOW! Increase Your Self-confidence recording (54 minutes)
This is a mixture of analysis using a worksheet designed to help you identify the causes of a lack of self-confidence and a hypnotic recording designed to help you increase your self-confidence.

2. The NOW! Achieve Your Goals recording (79 minutes)
This recording features a comprehensive discussion about setting goals and has a spreadsheet for you to write your own goal, your evidence procedure, first steps and potential blocks. The hypnosis track helps you seal in the actions you want to take and helps build the focus and motivation to succeed.

3. An adapted excerpt from our book 8 Recipes for Life – A Recipe to Upskill Yourself
This document encourages you to plan to acquire a new skill (defined by you) that will help you achieve your goals. It helps you get your new skill and reflect upon your learning journey so you get better and better at the process of learning what you need to succeed.

Additional information

Bundle contents

NOW! Increase Your Self-confidence
NOW! Achieve Your Goals
An adapted excerpt from our book 8 Recipes for Life – A Recipe to Upskill Yourself


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NOW! Increase your self confidence £7.99

NOW! Achieve your goals £8.99

A Recipe to Upskill Yourself £2.88

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