8 Recipes for Life caters to people’s hunger for practical wisdom. It is a self help book with eight original, thought-provoking, and ready-to-use life lessons that can help you find fulfilment. It avoids a one-size-fits-all prescription by using worksheets to encourage you to find solutions which work in your individual situation.

Lots of us wonder why we are not as happy as we want to be even with all our needs seemingly met. We are desperate to be happier, more successful, and most of all we want to have more fulfilling lives. We can achieve all three simply by being our true selves.

8 Recipes for Life


Life is like cooking a meal, we all have different ingredients and we all have something unique to offer. This book helps us make the best meal with the ingredients we have in life. These recipes support us to build confidence, have better relationships, be more effective, become wiser and happier, etc.

A major theme in this book is bridging the head and heart where we stop living as if our head and heart are constantly pulling us apart and start living with our head and heart cooperating synergistically.

Here is a book review of 8 Recipes for Life from The Scotsman.

8 Recipes for Life is available on Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Australia. (See buttons below.) For other international destinations, we suggest Book Depository.


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“...the next best thing to having your own life coach on call 24/7.”

“...a complete resource to personal transformation that should give readers the hope, confidence and momentum to change for the better.”

“Petlo assert an entirely original model to bridge the divide between the head and heart, ‘Head–Heart Dualism’, so that the two can co-operate harmoniously within a person…”

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