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These recordings have been designed by Pete Sutton, a qualified Clinical hypnotherapist – to help people help themselves using the gentle power of hypnosis. Pete has used hypnosis as part of his treatment as a melanoma patient and having (currently) beaten the odds he is very happy to combine the conventional approach of surgery with the less traditional approach of hypnosis. His experience is that both have value and that hypnosis for some people can have remarkable results and so some people using these downloads will make significant beneficial changes.

Pete taught hypnosis for five years and has treated clients in a one on one setting which usually includes a customised recording designed to help the client to maintain progress. Using this experience he decided to launch this range of products with his partners at PETLO, so that more people could benefit from downloadable solutions at an affordable price.

Our titles encompass a range of common issues that a hypnotic approach can help with and we also have two other products. One of those is self-hypnosis which complements the other products and provides a process for customers to structure and drive their own sessions. We also offer customised recordings – so if you have a specific problem you would like help with or you would like to hear your name in the recording to make it more personal do get in touch.

We look forward to being of service.

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