Understanding Manifestation (by Kingsley Osajie)

We all have the ability to MANIFEST whatever we desire. The TRUTH is, we CAN create ANY reality for ourselves—either deliberately (consciously) or by allowing (unconsciously). One thing I have grown to learn and understand is this: EVERYONE is practicing Law of...

Is it possible to love someone without loving ourselves?

Let’s define self-love. Loving oneself is different from being in love with oneself. Love is acceptance, the opposite of judgment. To love oneself is to accept oneself completely – our strengths and weaknesses, our qualities and flaws… Loving oneself is not putting...

What does it actually mean to have self-love?

Love is acceptance; acceptance is the opposite of judgment. Self-love is accepting oneself; not judging oneself.On a mental level, we don’t judge ourselves for our shortcomings (we are not supposed to be perfect!); we accept our strengths and weaknesses. That doesn’t...

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