PETLO comprises Pete Sutton and Elaine Lo

Creators of Head–Heart Thinking

Personal development trainers, coaches, speakers,
and authors of 8 Recipes for Life


Between them they have studied NLP, Clinical Hypnosis, various complementary therapies, different types of psychometrics, business and life coaching and the delivery of personal development and corporate training. They have dedicated their lives to helping people transform their lives. Their story is a business story and a love story as well as ‘East meets West’ as well as ‘younger meets older’.

Elaine Lo

Elaine likes languages, has a language centre in Hong Kong, and is firmly interested in the journey we take as human beings (or as she would say ‘human becomings’) and as souls. She enjoys thinking and drinking wine although the two don’t always mix well! Elaine has lived in different cities and met people from very different backgrounds.

She realised that all of us have something in common – life challenges that come to teach us lessons.

But we don’t need to learn these lessons the hard way! We can learn them the easy way too! 8 Recipes for Life has been written and published precisely for this purpose.

Pete Sutton (aka. Pet)

Pete is a highly acclaimed international trainer with extensive training experience in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He had a long corporate career (IBM) during which he obtained his MBA. About ten years ago, Pete discovered a spiritual dimension to life and became a clinical hypnotherapist, after which he practised and taught hypnosis, which was interrupted by significant cancer issues. He met Elaine when teaching a hypnosis course in Thailand in 2014 at a time when his cancer prognosis seemed particularly grim.


About the two

The two had numerous conversations during which Elaine pushed Pete to face his deepest issues using her life lessons and rescued him from the fear of cancer. Pete saved Elaine from pursuing a conventional life and continuously supports her to live her purpose – he helped her put the life lessons into context by co-writing 8 Recipes for Life.

Their aim is to support people to gain perspectives about themselves that enable personal growth and fulfilment – they both believe that we can change our lives from being merely comfortable into journeys that make our lives fulfilling.

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